The SAT and ACT are long exams that cover a lot of material, which is why we offer the most thorough preparation available, with nearly 50 hours of small-group instruction plus four diagnostic SATs administered in a proctored setting.

Additionally, students who have completed our SAT course and wish to pursue the ACT can enroll in our “ACT Booster Course,” a four-week program designed to teach students the extra material covered on the ACT. (Because the SAT and ACT are so similar, our SAT course already prepares students for roughly 75% of what they can expect to see on the ACT.)

Our program is also adaptive. After each practice SAT, students receive a customized score report highlighting the question types, subject areas, and test-taking techniques they should practice to continue improving their scores. Add it all up, and you'll see that TestTakers offers the most thorough test prep education available.