Do you offer a guarantee?

Although guarantees are a common marketing tool, they are often rife with asterisks and fine print that render them less effective than they may seem. Rather than hide behind a gimmick, we stand by the rigors of our program and the exceptional results we’ve helped students attain over the past 30 years. Of course, we are never content to leave any student unsatisfied, so we take great pains to make ourselves available for additional help for any student who needs more work after completing the course.


Do you offer shortened or "turbo" courses?

We do not because we have found that they do not help students achieve their full potential. There is a vast amount of material covered on the SAT and ACT, and any truncated or "turbo" course is likely to cram too much information into a student's head at once and prevent him or her from retaining enough. We have found that repetition and familiarity with the techniques are necessary for students to feel comfortable and perform well on the exam, so we offer only full-length, comprehensive courses.


Do you offer courses for the SAT II Subject Tests/Regents Tests/ISEE, etc.? Do you provide college-counseling services?

No, we focus on SAT and PSAT preparation, with ACT booster courses available in certain locations.


Do you provide private tutoring?

We do not provide private tutoring because we have found that our targeted, personalized classroom approach is the most effective way to impart the broad knowledge necessary to master the test. Covering all of the material included in the over 60-hour long program would be impractical to do in a one-on-one setting. However, we do provide a great deal of extra assistance and one-on-one help at no additional charge when necessary. Please feel free to give one of our Site Directors a call to learn more about why personalized, classroom-based learning is the most effective approach.


Can I just take the practice tests without taking the course? Can I have the TestTakers vocabulary cards without taking the course?

No, our tests and materials are reserved exclusively for TestTakers students.